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Ogdensburg Spring 2021 - Church History/Ecclesiology Ogdensburg - Church History / Ecclesiology is a Program

Ogdensburg - Church History / Ecclesiology

Started Jan 6, 2021

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History of the Church: Telling Our Stories

Jan 6 - Feb 23, 2021

Church history tells the stories that are woven into the fiber of the church as people of God and as institution. The church’s beliefs, practices, and relationships have been formed by believers of every generation as they endeavored to live lives of faith in their own time and place. In this course we explore the people and events that shaped culture and society as well as the church across the centuries. We look at both the epoch forming events as well as the people behind them.

This course has a required text: Kevin L Hughes, Church History: Faith Handed On. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2002. (Loyola Press) (Amazon)

The Church: People of God on a Mission

Feb 23 - Mar 30, 2021

The church embodies a series of core dynamics: divine invitation and human response; gathering in order to be sent; membership and mission. Reflecting theologically on the way in which these dynamics are expressed in the church today makes up the discipline of “ecclesiology.” Through this course, we explore the nature of the Church including discussion of ministries, the Church’s foundation in word and sacrament, and the call to be an evangelizing people about the work of transforming the world in light of the Gospel.

This course has a required text Morris Pelzel, Ecclesiology: The Church as Communion and Mission. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2002. (Loyola Press) (Amazon)